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Thought of the Day:

Thought of the Day:

"Sometimes you have to love a man from a distance! A heart is terrible thing to waste."

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

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TNR Mission

“To turn the unfortunate milestone in
my life into inspirational messages of
hope that will propel young women and
adults to focus on creating a thriving
future by fulfilling their purpose.”

Tiffany's Features:

Tiffany's Features:

Tiffany's Testimonials


“So I just finished your book while waiting on my flight...You did anawesome job...had me thinking about some things I highlighted stuff and I

wrote my dreams and goals like you asked in the book...

Wow is all I can say.”

Y. Woodard

“...I am so enjoying my book thus far! Hope there is a part 2. There is so much encouragement and wisdom for many

life experiences.”
Kudos to you!

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Born with the gift of gab, Tiffany’s innate ability to captivate and engage a viewing audience affords her the opportunity to address social issues as well as specific topics such as “dating” on her Youtube segments, “The I’m So Tiffany Show.”

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