Free Yourself

Breaking Free by Breaking the Silence

The title of this book came to me as I sat down and reflected on my life. I realized that in the past 3 years I had gone through so much pain. But a lot of it, I brought on myself! From having men break my heart, to having problems with my family, job transitions, financial struggles, two car accidents, you name it! The best thing that came from all the stuff I went through was me giving birth to my son. How awesome is that! Even in the midst of test, trials, and adversity you can still give birth. Some of you have gone through so much. You have been depressed, you have lost yourself in someone else, you have become someone you're not, and some of you have even given up on being a woman and have become a man. I cancel all of it! You were created powerful. You were created beautiful. You possess the power to produce! This book is going to give you the tools you need to be successful as a woman. You cannot and will not be the same after reading this book. Everything in your life is about to change. Things are not going to get better, know that they are already better. You have the keys given to you and the wisdom that you need in this book to be able to put your best foot forward and to progress! I am so excited for you! Stop being a prisoner in your own home and in your own mind. You are on the brink of something so amazing and something so awesome! It's called freedom. So many times we sit around and just hope that we will be free or we pray that God will free us, or we hope that our friends and family will rescue us, but no not this time. I want you to free yourself! Don't put it off another day. It is time for you to experience what freedom looks like. It’s time to Free Yourself!


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